Lindsay Lohan Freed


Photo, Reed Saxton

TALLAHASSEE, FL – “Freaky Friday” star Lindsay Lohan has had numerous run-ins with the law all over the country since 2007, yet she still finds herself a free woman in 2013.

She recently pleaded no contest to reckless driving car crash in 2012. Lohan accepted a plea deal to spend 90 days in rehab instead of jail.

Her first arrest was in 2007 for a DUI (driving under the influence) and felony drug possession, however, she spent only one day in jail.

Last September, Lohan was charged with leaving an accident scene. The “Mean Girls” star was ordered to serve 30 days in a LA county jail, but only spent 5 hours.

After time served – 5 hours – she was kicked out of the mandatory community service program.

“Thankfully, this matter has come to a successful conclusion,” said Mark Jay Heller, Lohan’s New York-based lawyer, after the court hearing in March. “I think the prosecutors treated her fairly. I am very confident you won’t see Lindsay Lohan in any criminal court any time in the future. She has recognized all the issues that need to be addressed. Lindsay Lohan is very happy with the end result.”

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, appeared at her hearing with his own legal team. He allegedly confronted Heller regarding the case.

“Go home,” yelled the alleged Michael Lohan. “You have done enough damage. Leave my family alone and stay out of the press. You are a parasite! Heller, go home to New York!”

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Last October, Lohan wasn’t prosecuted for a hit and run. Surveillance video outside a hotel in Manhattan caught her hit a man while driving her SUV.

The court appearance for that incident disappeared on the calendar. “Prosecutors aren’t moving forward with the case,” law officials said.

Lohan’s longtime spokesperson, Shawn Chapman Holley, left the case earlier this year and was unavailable for comment.

By Brandon Brown

With contributions by The New York Times, CNN

Photo, Reed Saxon

Video, AFP


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