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Gucci Mane was speaking to Atlanta Middle School Kids for career day.

Wonder what he said? Hopefully it was something like, “Don’t do what I do for a career.” and also “Excuse this ice cream cone on my cheek.”

Safaree says “IT WASN’T ME!”

I think I like this dude Safaree. First of all, I just realized his name is a play on “safari,” which is a excursion for wild animals. Secondly, he’s denied cheating on Nicki Minaj, the biggest female don in the rap game.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a denial of cheating, because then they would admit to being an item, which I don’t think is true. Anyway, he’s a smart guy.

Nicki Goes in a bit.

Kanye West has kinda made a big deal over the fact that people like Wiz have dated his ex’s i.e. Amber Rose. But, Nick Cannon was the man, because…

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