Nas Talks Twelfth Album

9:23 PM EST | by Brandon Brown

After dropping Grammy nominatedLife Is Good album, in July 2012, Nas is already working on a follow-up album.

Life Is Good is nominated for “Best Rap Album,” which has competition with records by 2 Chainz,Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Rick Ross and The Roots.

The Queens rap veteran spoke on his career, his past, award nominations and more in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

Nas was recently crowned “greatest lyricist of all time” by CNN.

The lyrical MC is also nominated for best rap song and best rap performance for the song “Daughters” off the Life Is Good album.

“The album was just such a piece that really told you about my life, about my divorce without doing too much, without telling too much,” said Nas about the Grammy nominated album.

He also spoke highly of fellow hip-hop rappers, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill – who are also both nominated in the 55th Grammy Awards.

“No disrespect to nobody else in rap music, but Kendrick Lamar. I’m really happy about his record. I needed that,” said Nas. Also, Meek Mill. His energy is amazing.”

Nas was careful not to expose too much about the upcoming project, but said he’s “in a great zone.”

What’s your favorite Nas song?


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