NBA – Paul Assists Clippers With Victory Over Lakers

4:28 AM EST

Chris Paul proved he could hold his team on his back.

The Clippers won with a 107 – 102 victory over the Lakers, Paul scored the final eight points in the final 20 seconds.

Friday night at the Staples Center, Paul finished the game with 30 points, 13 assists and six rebounds.

Taking on a fierce battle with Kobe Bryant, who had his MVP moment in the game, Paul withstood the challenge. The two stars traded shots all night.

“It’s a big win because it’s a division game,” Paul told reporters.

While Paul was great, he didn’t do it alone. But, he took leadership. Carrying his team to victory, hitting six straight in the clutch.

“Chris made some amazing shots,” said Mike D’Antoni, head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. “We had a shot at the end and we just didn’t do it.”

The Clippers moved further ahead in the standings.


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