Meek Mill Versus Cassidy

Dec. 27, 2012


As if we weren’t expecting this beef to happen. Philly rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy have now “put it on wax.”

Robert Williams, better known as Meek Mills fired shots back to Cassidy’s “Me, Myself & iPhone” with “Repo.”

“I did I’ma Boss’ young’n set the summer off. Now these old niggas mad at me ’cause they fallin’ off,” Mills fired back.

Barry Adrian Reese, better known as Cassidy, previously landed a seven-figure deal with Trojan for the song “Condom Style.” The same song fellow Philly rapper, Meek Mill, said was garbage. The two have been beefing for a few months.

“That cat lame on every song he rap the same. That cat changed he got a deal and don’t act the same. That nigga wilding cause he sold a couple hundred thousand. But I sold triple what that nigga sold my first album,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy initiated a rap battle, which Cassidy said Mills didn’t respond. The two took to Twitter with a series of tweets. Mills accepted the battle and Cassidy responded.

What do you think needs to happen next?


One thought on “Meek Mill Versus Cassidy

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